Siri Bergqvist

Digital Content Designer
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That’s me!

That’s me!

About me

As difficult as it is to describe a person, here’s an attempt. If I were to sum up how people I meet (including former employers) describe me, in three words, it would be: creative, smart & funny. However, I want to try and tell you about me as a person, not just as an employee.

I get excited easily and people I meet often see me as a cheerful and energetic person. A couple of years ago, after I was encouraged to partake in a leadership program, I learned that the combination of my cheerful and open disposition and my ability to get things done is considered a form of leadership strategy. However, I enjoy being hands-on and I’m prestigeless about helping out with whatever needs doing. Ideas often come to me without much effort and I can quickly determine which ones I can turn into somehing great and which ones to just enjoy as a fun thought.

I’ve always been passionate about creative expressions in all its forms: photography, writing, filming, movies, dance, comedy, learning new languages. I love getting the chance to really dig deep into a text. I have a very strong sense of how seemingly tiny details can have a huge effect on a message and how to sum up a complex issue in a clear and concise way.

If I were to make a venn diagram with my personal interests in one circle and the kind of work employers praised me for in another, content would be the common denominator. Content is a natural part of my everyday life, and has always been. Most of my social life is on social media and my personal twitter account, where I play with dramaturgy in storytelling, joke about current events and share random thoughts, has some 2600 followers.

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